The Things That Are Making Me Happy Right Now

Sometimes life can throw us of track and last year was certainly one where nothing seemed to go right. We had broken bones, money mess up’s and leaking roofs and that is only a small selection. So this year is going to be better and we are making the most of the small thing’s which can be anything as simple as making a chocolate cake filled with blackberry jam for tea, taking long walks along the beach and just trying to spend more time as a family.


I love sewing and have been sewing for years and I found this really fun bird fabric a few months back which I then got busy with the sewing machine and made cushion covers and scallop bunting for my Folksy shop and they will be coming soon to my Website. I only make a few of each item as I think it is nice to have something unique. I am also lucky enough to sell my handmade goodies in a local craft shop where my bunting is selling well. I still find it strange that people have my makes in their home’s but it’s a nice kind of strange!

I always have so many ideas in my head that I go to bed dreaming of everything I wish to make and it does not make for a good night’s sleep at all. Please tell me I am not the only one this happens to?


Taking long walks in the countryside or along the beach with my family is very important for me to clear our head’s and burn off excess energy. It’s a bit tricky to get my teenage son to join us he has to be bribed with picnics in the summer and hot chocolate in the winter and even then that doesn’t always work!


Only a quick post as I have lots of sewing to be getting on with, cakes to be baked as well as getting the teen to revise ( not a simple job at all ) and my daughter to do her homework.

Hope you all have a lovely day and remember to make the most of the small things.


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