A Busy Sunny Sunday

What a beautiful sunny Sunday it has been here in West Sussex. I have been busy decorating the teens room this morning ( more on that soon ) and then it was into the garden for a bit of tidying with the hubs and our daughter,the teen was out with his friends down the local skate park.
We lit the fire pit to keep snuggled up by and to boil water on for a much needed cup of coffee, for some reason it always taste’s better outside and it’s a whole lot more fun.

firepit 006firepit 002

I have been working on some more bunting ideas for my Folksy shop,and have started doing a house one made from felt,denim and left over fabric from a dress I made for my daughter last year.
I love the colour of daffodils and my mum gave these to me and when ever I look at them it just remind’s me of spring and summer to come.So I am feeling all inspired and have lot’s of exciting handmade make’s planned. All I need now is to find some lovely fabric with daffodils on it.

blog 2 003blog 2 020

Anyway I must go as the teen has come home and the hubs is making homemade tuna fishcakes for tea. I hope everyone has had a lovely peaceful Sunday.


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