Half Term Fun

We went for a lovely walk in the countryside this morning to blow the cobwebs away. Everyone else seemed to have the same idea as us but once we got walking we left everyone else behind and it was so peaceful.
rackam 011       rackam 014

This is one of my favourite places it is only a 20 minute drive from our front door and I always came here when I was a child and now I bring my children here. There are tree’s to be climbed and views to take your breath away. We certainly built up an appetite so when we got home it was pancakes for all ( except for poor hubs who was working ).

rackam 018      rackam 026

rackam 003      rackam 021

Trying to make the bed this morning was nearly impossible and I am afraid to say my cat won he found a warm place and that was it he was not going to give it up, so I ended up making it around him and he is still there now !!
blog 2 008      blog 2 005

Whilst we have been out and about my son has been to the skate park ( yet again ) and one of his friends took this photograph of him, he is also going to be in a local paper with his friends doing their scootering ,skateboarding etc. He give’s me a heart attack whenever I watch him but he is an adrenalin addict and he is never happier than when leaping in the air.


I have got to go and help my daughter with a project for school,cook a spaghetti bolognese for dinner and add some new stock to my Folksy shop. I hope you all have a good day and don’t eat to many pancakes !!!


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