Better Late Than Never

My husband for Christmas bought me the Cath Kidston Sewing Book because I had said how much I liked the free make your own sewing kit and needless to say it has sat there unmade with me saying that I must get around to making it. Well the other day I was moaning at the hubs for not playing the ukulele (or learning to) that I had got him as a Christmas gift, when he threw back at me about the sewing kit,so then I thought right I will do it even if its just to shut him up ! So here it is and I love it and now I can freely start moaning about the ukulele again.
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I try to be creative everyday it does’nt matter if its sewing,baking,crafting or decorating a room and my daughter loves sewing and baking so its time well spent with her when she’s not in school and I don’t need to feel guilty about doing something I love as she’s enjoying it to. We try to bake several times a week together making things for the lunch boxes and at the moment our favourite things to bake are individual chocolate sponge cakes filled with homemade plum jam my husband made back in the Autumn.We just weigh 3 eggs and then the same amount of self raising flour,butter,sugar and a little cocoa powder all mixed together then put half the mixture in the cases then a little spoon of jam topped with the rest of the mixture then baked for 15-20 minutes.
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I am still busy making things for my shops and my folksy shop is at if you would like to see my little handmade makes.I am soon going to run out of fabric so tomorrow may have to be a fabric hunting day. I have so many ideas and not enough hours in the day but I would not have it any other way.
The teen is poorly at the moment and has a high temp and sore throat so he is away from sixth form which is not ideal as it is coming up to exam time but he just can not seem to shake this cold,my daughter has a cough so I am craving the nice warm weather to chase the germs away.Roll on Spring.
Anyway back to my sewing nook I must go,thank you for taking the time to have a read.


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