Finding Inspiration


blog 7 016

 This make up bag and purse by Dickens & Jones were a gift and have really inspired me.I adore the print of all the different style houses and the use of colour especially the duck egg blue.The way that it is not perfect and all the houses are slightly different from one another plus one of them is very similar to my house.The lamp posts conjure up images of Narnia (my favourite book from my childhood)

I wanted to incorporate the houses into some of my work and over the last few weeks have been slowly coming up with ideas,firstly some bunting where instead of triangles I made houses and I tried to make them slightly different from one another and have machine embroidered a leaf design around the doorways and windows.I am really pleased with how it has turned out (my other bunting you can find at I am also working on some needle cases to add to the range.

blog 7 019

When I am not sewing,looking after the children or baking I love to read and at the moment I am reading Frances Osborne’s ‘The Bolter’ its about Idina Sackville who scandalised 1920s society, a decade I am interested in.Its a little lighter than my normal reads but still very enjoyable.

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Today is sunny and the washing is hanging on the line being blown around in the wind and I am hoping to be able to sit in the garden in a spot of sunshine and have a read.What has everyone else been crafting and reading ? I hope you have a good day and a relaxing one !


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  1. Rachel says:

    You sound exactly like me – lover of craft, sewing, cooking and reading! I’ve recently been sewing some cute little elastic skirts for my girls (my eldest daughter did most of the sewing for her skirt). I’m hoping to write a post about it soon (when I finish the second skirt). At the moment I’m reading my second Maeve Binchy book – The Copper Beech. Light and easy. Your house bunting is very cute.

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    1. Ah thank you Rachel I have read the Copper Beach and I loved it. My daughter makes bags but may be she will do skirts soon. Tabitha


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