Country Walks and Sewing Days

Blowing the cobwebs a way 
burpham 001
This is one of my favourite places to go when I feel I need to escape from the world,even though it is only a 15 minute drive from our front door.It was a bit overcast and windy but still very beautiful.
burpham 013
There is a pretty little church and thatched cottages surrounded by rolling hills and a lovely local pub.My daughter who has been a bit poorly lately took blowing bubbles along with her and watched how far the wind took them.
burpham 010
I have spent the morning sewing and starting to stock an Easter shop in my Folksy shop purses with hares on them,rabbits on cushions and so on… I still have a lot more to make for Easter which I am really excited about,lots of new ideas but I hope I have enough hours in my day.I also added my needle cases and pin cushions that I showed you in yesterdays post.
rabbit cushion blog 7 017
I am aiming to make a little something most days whether its for family,friends or to sell. How often do you creative people make things and how do you fit it all in with family etc..? I find I just have so many ideas and so many things I still want to learn like embroidery,improving my knitting skills and I have seen some lovely scrap book journals that people have made.
Anyway until next time,thank you for taking the time to read my little blog.


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