Saturday morning

Its early Saturday morning and the children are still a sleep and hubs is of to the Barbers.So I have a cup of tea and my lap top in bed,the sun is shining, the birds are singing and my cat is snoring away at the end of my bed. I love mornings like this,the whole day a head of you and plans for the day to be made.Last weekend we were all poorly so I am going to make the most of this weekend.

Its been a lovely week with a feeling of Summer around the corner.I have been able to get in the garden daily even it was only to hang the washing out and entertain the cat ! (its the small things that make the difference)

I am going to be busy next week making some purses and bags for my self and my shop .Now the weather is getting better I prefer to take along a lighter bag rather than my leather or oilcloth ones and they are so much prettier.Here are a couple I made last year (sadly not the bird one).The floral bag is lined in denim and can be used inside out and was made from fabric from an old H&M skirt I had and the black and white bag is my absolute favourite with a contrasting bright blue lining and plaited straps. They are both surprisingly strong and hold a lot,plus when they get grubby you just sling them in the washing machine.
no date 013
My tea is getting cold and I am getting hungry so when the hubs is back and the children are awake we will all have a cooked breakfast (it is the weekend after all) and then a long walk along the beach and maybe even movie night and snacks if we can all agree on what film to watch, which is easier said than done when one of your children is 16 and the other 12.I hope you all have a good weekend and oh before I forget I now post internationly from my shop.Thank you for reading x


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