Cats and Mice

You know that feeling you get sometimes that you are being watched? Well I had that feeling as I was sewing away this morning in my own little dream world and when I looked over my shoulder there he was.
blog 15 001
My cat had quietly come upstairs and was sitting on my bed staring at me.I think he knew I was making some mice as he is very fond of mice,he loves to catch them and then release them indoors in my daughters bedroom.Last summer he bought five in during the night and as we were busy catching them he was running off and getting more,one of them ran into my daughters dolls house and ran up the stairs to the attic,it reminded me of Beatrix Potter’s ‘The Tale Of Two Bad Mice’ where the mice go in the dolls house.
I have been busy cutting out my fabric to make a few more mice today.It is quiet fiddly but I am enjoying making them.
blog 15 003
Yesterday I made some cookies so I am now going to say goodbye for now and go and have one of my cookies and a cup of tea before getting back to sewing mice.
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  1. Carol says:

    How cute! The cat and the mice!!

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  2. Shanda says:

    What a dear blog entry making me feel as if I really were reading a Beatrix Potter book! Cats, sewing, books…some of my very favorite things. I’ve read those Potter books over and over through the years to my seven children.

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    1. Yes I love the books and I read them to my children and my mum used to read them to me.Tabitha


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