My Parcel Of Happiness Arrived

For the last week or so I have been waiting for a package to arrive from Portland,Oregon.I had treated myself to something I had wanted for a while now after discovering The Black Apple on Etsy and Emily’s beautiful website(please check it out).Emily has written and illustrated several children’s books and her art work just tugs at my heart strings,so I made my first purchase of one of her prints and I am all ready planing what to buy next !
black apple blog 001
This is the print,it reminds me of me with the cats and the books.I love the colours its a cheerful picture to look at and I am waiting to have it framed and then it will be hung somewhere where it will make me smile whenever I look at it.

black apple blog 009
It came with several postcards which would look lovely framed in my daughters bedroom.

black apple blog 008
I have collected a lot of peoples business cards but this one has got to be the best,you just want to find out what this person does and sells. So if you want cheering up and to read a beautiful blog please take a peak.

black apple blog 010
Anyway I have just got time for a quick cuppa before the children get home and the chaos begins,so thank you for taking the time to have a little read.


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