Handmade Happiness and Cactuses !

Today I have been busy updating my Folksy shop,adding my pin cushion mice and taking new photographs of some of my stock.I have also been getting stock ready for my upcoming website and for a local shop that sells my bunting,plus stamping my luggage tags that get sent out with every order.I do have printed business cards but I think something hand written is a nice touch and makes it more personal.
stock 004
I get a warm buzz about me when I receive a beautifully handmade gift and when I am making something for a gift or to sell the process of making it really makes me happy,I truly do love what I do.I haven’t been selling long on Folksy and I am thinking of giving Etsy a try as people seem to be surprised that I do not sell on there already.How do the two compare,who do you sell through?

Yesterday I went to my local garden centre where they have an absolutely stunning cactus display.You really feel that you could be in an old wild west movie.They have been there in a private collection since the 1940’s and they have hundreds to look at and a small selection for sale.I ended up buying flowers for my kitchen window sill to add cheer whilst washing up!
mice and flowers 002
window sill 005
This weekend we are planing on a trip to the Museum to see an art exhibition,the cinema to see Kingsman with the teen and plenty of family time and lovely food.My ideal weekend,I hope the sun is planning on shining then it will also involve gardening.
Hope you all have a good weekend whatever you are up to.


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  1. Creatopath says:

    Your little bundle of goodies look great. That’s fantastic that a local shop is selling your bunting. I haven’t heard of Folksy – am yet to have a look at your site, but I have heard of Etsy. What did you think of “Kingsman”?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you I am setting up an Etsy shop soon I hope. Kingsman was just action packed from start to finish and I enjoyed it as I was with my son who thought it was great.Have you seen it ?


      1. Creatopath says:

        No I haven’t seen it. Is it the Colin Firth one? I love Colin Firth!!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yes it is the Colin Firth film but not how you expect him !!


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