Kingsman and Corsages

The weekend was a busy one with sewing,cinema,museum and lots more.So needless to say it has flown past.On Saturday morning my husband wanted to see an art exhibition at our local museum. It was oil paintings,pencil drawings and prints of aviation art and then we looked around the museum whilst our daughter filled in the ‘can you find’ sheet they provide.Its only a small museum of our towns history from early man up to present day but its interesting and has a big Roman collection as they built their villas around here and a large Roman palace near by in Fishbourne. On the way back we walked home along by the river  which was busy with children learning to sail and adults messing about in boats.That evening the teen and I went to the cinema to see ‘Kingsman’ starring Colin Firth.I kept thinking it won’t be long now before my son won’t want to spend a Saturday night at the cinema with his mum,so I am making the most of it and counting my blessings.It was a fun and busy day with plenty of family time.

river 002 boats,corsages and mice 002 boats,corsages and mice 004
boats,corsages and mice 003
On Sunday I made myself and my daughter a fabric corsage and they turned out really well,so we took a trip out to Hobby Craft and purchased some brooch bars as I am going to start stocking them in my shop as they are so pretty and I have so many scraps of fabric left over from other jobs which are ideal for this project.I am also going to make some for my family as little Easter gifts. In the picture below I am wearing three of them in a little cluster.They still need a little tweaking here and there but the more I make them the better they are becoming.It was also mothering Sunday and my lovely children bought me some foodie treats and body lotion and my daughter made me a lovely card (handmade truly is the best).
boats,corsages and mice 005
Today I have a day of sewing,making goldfish pin cushions,corsages and mice in match boxes to name just a few.I hope you all had a lovely weekend and thank you again for taking the time to read this little blog.


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  1. Creatopath says:

    The corsages look great.

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