Felt Mice Making

So,So busy at the moment there just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in my days.I try to get everything done when my two are at school/sixth form so when they come home I have time to spend with them and cook dinner etc..but I still can’t fit it all in.Yesterday I went and visited my sister and sorted out some final details on the launch of my website and then I was sewing goldfish and corsages up to dinner time (lucky enough my hubs was cooking)and then it was bedtime.Today I was sewing by 8.30 am as soon as the children were out the door and I still have lots of paper work to do and clean the bathroom (my worst chore).But really I should not be complaining as I am lucky to be doing something I love.
So I have been stuffing felt mice….
mice and blog 002
I think they look sweet,all they need now are some fabric covered match boxes as their homes with little pillows and blankets.That is on my to do list.
mice and blog 007
My corsages are all ready to go.
corsage on card 002
My sewing nook needs a bit of a tidy and then I am back to making some more gold fish which I am thinking of turning into some sort of garland.Tomorrow I am fabric shopping for a dress that I am going to be making next week ready for Easter.I am going to use the same pattern as I did for this dress,but use a lighter and maybe patterned fabric or just plain black linen.It depends how brave I am feeling.
blog 19 ideas 017
What are you all working on at the moment? I am making myself make more of my own clothes this year as that is something I really enjoy doing.
Thank you for reading and I hope you all have a lovely day.


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