Day 3 of making dress number 2

A quick post about my dress I am making.Today I had to make some bias binding for the armholes of the dress and sew the bias binding in.Easier said than done,it was a pain as I tacked it all first then machine stitched and it was a mess so the unpicker came out and twenty minutes later I was still unpicking and feeling like screaming.In the end I didn’t tack it I just went straight to the machine and it worked first time on both armholes !!! So all I need to do now is the hem tomorrow.
blog 24 004
I have made the decision to start closing my Folksy shop and only sell though my website and my new Etsy shop.It was not an easy choice to make as I have had sales but not a lot of people seem to have heard of Folksy .So time to have a change and give Etsy a try.
In other news I made this garland a while back from some old scraps of fabric,wire and double sided sticky tape,and called it my raggedy rose garland.I used it for my daughters Birthday last year twisted around the mantle piece and it looked so sweet and a bit shabby chic.Since then it has found a permanent home around the headboard on my bed.It makes me smile every time I see it and it is just so pretty.What do you think?SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA


The headboard is from the 1950’s and was my Grandmas,then my mums and now mine.I had always wanted it even when I was little as I used to think it was so glamorous.Its so heavy though and was a nightmare to hold in place whilst we fixed it to the bed.But so worth it.Hope you are all having a lovely day I am going to carry on listing things on Etsy before the children arrive. Tabitha


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  1. Sarah says:

    I love your rose garland, it’s beautiful! Might try something similar to go on my own headboard

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