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After a really gloomy weekend (weather wise) it was time to get out and blow those cobwebs away,what ever the weather.So the sun shone and the wind blew,so on with the wellies,warm coats and a coffee and we were off.Only for a walk down by the river and then onto the boating lake and then the beach for a bit of pebble throwing.Its all on our doorstep,its FREE,its fun and it kills a couple of hours plus you then don’t feel guilty when you get back if the TV goes on 🙂
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As you can see from the pictures there wasn’t many other people around,may be it was because we were out and about early.Tomorrow we have planned a trip to the cinema,the library and some crafting time.What has everyone else planned for the Easter break ?
I have been photographing some cushion covers I have made for my shop and will be listing them later on today.I love the dinosaur one,the fabric just leapt out at me when I saw it in the shop.My son would have liked it when he was little as he was dinosaur mad.I saw someone on instagram (I think it was) who had made a dress from the exact same fabric and it looked really good.The bird fabric is so fun with its bright colours and chirpy birds.I got this in the sale and also made some bunting in it for the craft shop that stock some of my products.Bunting seems to be still so popular at the moment and I have to make so much of it,it drives me mad cutting all those triangles that I now make some in a scallop shape just to break it up a bit:)
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Think I may now snuggle up on the sofa for an hour or so and watch a movie with my daughter before we have a visitor coming for coffee. Tabitha


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  1. Jana says:

    How lovely it looks in your neighbourhood! Love the dinosaur cushion. I am pretty sure this one is going to become a bestseller on your shop. Fingers crossed. Best wishes, Jana


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    1. Thank you Jana.Yes my neighbourhood isn’t to bad!! Tabitha

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  2. azmihoffmann says:

    Hi tabhita nice to find your blog.

    My easter plan is having big lunch with my husband’s fam, my mom in law will cook.

    I was planning to make cushion cover as well since the beginning of this month, but still don’t have time to do that. But looking at yours makes me really want to make one 😣

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    1. Your Easter plans sound good.Enjoy. Tabitha

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