Suntan tattoo says I love You…..

I have had the above lyrics going around in my head ever since I came across this fabric.

I have a small amount of  fabric with a tattoo pattern on it and yesterday I decided to bite the bullet and make something out of it…tattoo purse 002
The trouble is when there is only a certain amount what do you make ? Well for me it was going to have to be a purse.As the fabric was polyester I chose a lovely thick linen in black for the lining.

tattoo purse 005The finished purse is in my etsy shop and I am really pleased at how it turned out.I don’t think I will rushing out to buy lots of tattoo fabric but you never know !!

tattoo purse 006
I am planning a trip to the Cinema later on today to see the ‘Cinderella’ movie with my daughter.I wonder if I will find any inspiration for some more of my handmade makes ? Where do you get your inspiration from ? I think for me movies and books are always a great place for inspiration.Enjoy your day whatever you are doing.


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  1. azmihoffmann says:

    The purse is so cool. Are you hand sew it?

    My inspiration mostly comes from Internet posts. 😣

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    1. Thank you.My purse is machine and hand sewn.I find inspiration from internet post as well.

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  2. Lisa says:

    Love that fabric. The purse turned out great. I’ve recently been given lots of awesome fabric, maybe I should make a few purses

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    1. Thank you. I really enjoy making purses.


  3. Jana says:

    The combination of a skull-fabric with lace is very unique. Love it. 🙂 My inspirations usually just hit me when I am on my way (walking, on the bike, in the subway). 🙂 Best to you, Jana

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    1. Thank you Jana 🙂 Tabitha

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  4. Creatopath says:

    Cool purse! I find a lot of fabulous stuff on Pinterest that I pin but never get around to making. I did watch a couple of tutorials on how to make a reversible handbag but still haven’t got around to making that either!

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    1. Thanks. I find pinterest makes my my head spin,there is just so much and it leaves me feeling a bit inadequate !!!!

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      1. Creatopath says:

        I know what you mean! And you want to make it all but know you can’t!

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