My Creative Way Or The Highway….. (only joking)

When my mum came over for coffee the other day,she saw a drawstring bag that I had made to go in my bathroom to hold spare toilet rolls,she then asked if I had a bag like that, that she could buy from me,it didn’t matter what the pattern was she just wanted one. Well I did not expect my mum to pay for one and I told her I would make her one for an Easter gift if she so wished.She thought this was a good idea and then started to tell me the colours she would prefer,the size and so on.So in a couple of minutes we had gone from not caring what it looked like to having a very precise idea of what she wanted !!!! When I pointed this out to her we both had a laugh about it and she said trusted me and I could do any old thing and she would be pleased with it.
So yesterday I started on a drawstring bag for her bathroom and in my head I had her voice saying what she would like and I decided not to listen to it and create something I know she will love,but not of thought of herself.I did take into consideration the colours and the size but I chose to applique some fish onto the front and add little fins after to give it a 3D kind of feel about it.I wanted it to be something my mum would like but it was also important for me that it said something about me and what I do.Do you know what I mean or am I just being mean !!! ?
So here it is…..
mums Easter bag 001

mums Easter bag 004

mums Easter bag 009
I am pleased with how it turned out and its far healthier than an Easter egg !!!
I have decided to work on my applique and embroidery skills over the next few weeks and use them in with a new range I have planned for my Etsy shop and my website.So lots planned for The Sewing Nook and exciting times ahead.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post and I look forward to reading your comments 🙂 Tabitha


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