One stitch at a time

I have finally got around to learning embroidery,its something I have wanted to do for several years now and have kept putting of.Yes I can sew but that’s mostly using the sewing machine and I can hand sew a hem etc… but as for chain stitch and so on I had no clue.So yesterday after a morning of gardening I decided to grab some scrap material,needle and thread and sit in the garden with some books as a guide and learn.I still have a long way to go but I am going to practice daily,so watch this space….
I started with a basic running stitch,then backstitch,chain stitch (that took several attempts and I mean several !!),blanket stitch (which I had used before),then whipped running stitch and then the French knot.Now that French knot proved tricky and I could not get it right from reading the books I had so to YouTube it was and I learnt in seconds.I could have learnt a bit faster if I had used YouTube from the start but I love books and reading so that is the way I will go.I am hopping that practice makes perfect (or near enough anyway) and I am planning to sit in the garden later and practice over and over again these stitches before moving onto more complicated ones.
embroidery 003
Being the Easter Holidays it is a bit tricky to fit all my sewing in and I have so much more to do for my Etsy shop that I will have to put off till next week but in the mean time for this week only I have 15% off with the coupon code EASTERSALE.
I hope you all have a creative day and thanks for coming by,I am now going to have a cuppa in bed then some breakfast 🙂


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  1. azmihoffmann says:

    Your post is such a creative booster for me 😊

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    1. Thank you very much


    2. Kitschy Chic says:

      There is something about embroidery and handstitching that is beyond addictive. I also learned through reading and highly recommend the A-Z of Embroidery Stitches by Country Bumpkin Press (out of Australia). The pictures are always inspiring. Enjoy the process and look forward to seeing your beautiful work.

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      1. thank you I will look that book up.


  2. Bekki Hill says:

    Well done for making a start. You’ll soon forget you ever couldn’t do it. I love learning from books too, but agree Youtube is usually quicker and easier. I’m planning to teach myself to crochet as soon as I’ve finished my current big project.

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    1. Now crochet I can not do I have tried and tried 😦

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      1. Bekki Hill says:

        I’ve never tried. I’m a prolific knitter, so I think it’s just never occurred to me to have a go. The wool shop close to us is doing lessons – £15 for two hours, so I may just invest if I can’t teach myself!

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      2. Sounds good to me. I can knit to a certain extent and am thinking should have lessons but its having the time

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      3. Bekki Hill says:

        Mmmm It’s almost always about time 😦

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