Quick and easy garden bunting

Yesterday we spent the day working hard in the garden as the sun was shining and a lot needed doing as we spend a lot of our time in the garden when the weather is nice.I decided to make some bunting to bring a bit of cheer to the garden.I had some pvc cloth left over from some other project, in a lovely bright green with white dots that was ideal for this task.
All you need is : some waterproof fabric (oil cloth or pvc)
garden string
needle and tread
On the wrong side of the material draw out your triangles to your required size (mine were around 17×20 cm) and the amount you want(I made ten which makes just over a meter and a half)

Then simply cut the triangles out.I should add this is not a double sided bunting.

Get your string and from the beginning of it, leaving enough length for your ties start sewing the string on to the back top of your triangle I used a blanket kind of stitch,knotting at each end of your triangle and then move on to the next leaving a gap in between each and enough string at the end to tie.

Then all that is left to do is tie it up onto your shed or onto a plain wall and voila all pretty and summery.
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I have also been working on my embroidery skills which I think are coming along fine (still a long way to go but it is only my second day) and I am really enjoying it and the time just flies by which I will have to watch out for when the children are back at school and the days are once more mine !!
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Anyway I am going to go and enjoy a glass of wine in my garden whilst the hubs cooks dinner 🙂


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  1. What a brilliant idea! Love it 🙂 x

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  2. Creatopath says:

    The green and white garden bunting looks fabulous against the wood. Embroidery is looking good too.

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