Inspiration is everywhere

Yesterday in a bid to beat this flu like bug I have had for the last week or so ,I went to our local public gardens to clear my head and maybe get some inspiration.It was the warmest day of the year so far and the sky was a clear blue with hardly a cloud in it,the birds were singing and the trees were in full blossom and as I sat on a bench I looked around and noticed how everything seems better when the sun shines,the colours more vibrant and the birdsong so much sweeter and people happier.It was still early so there weren’t that many people around and I felt I had the gardens to myself.Not only do I get ideas of what to grow in my garden and what to plant where and with what,but also an idea on colours that go well together,texture and patterns so my next little collection of purses,cosmetic bags and bunting are going to be inspired by these gardens and the sights and sounds of that day sitting there on the bench.
highdown 006

highdown 007

highdown 003

highdown 004
When I came home I found the most perfect fabric to start me off,it has birds,its blue,its summery and delicate so all I need now is some energy please and then I will get making.
bird fabric 002
My sewing nook is all tidy and ready to go and my head is so full of ideas but my body keeps telling me its tired and wants to rest and have early nights and I hate it I can not wait till my energy is back so I can get back on track !!!
bird fabric 004
Hope you are all feeling well and full of inspiration.Thanks for taking the time to have a read, Tabitha


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  1. Oh Tabitha, what a nasty bug, I really do hope you regain your energy soon. I know how frustrated I get when my energy levels are stopping me create but my mind is still buzzing. Gentle Hugs Sharon x

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    1. Thank you so much. I keep thinking I’m getting better then I go back again !!!

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