Cat Brooch no.1 and a swing in the woods

Finally I am feeling better,I know this as I woke up this morning and wanted to sew !!!
I broke myself in gently by making a brooch for my daughter of our cat,he’s black so it was a bit tricky.I had some black linen left over from my dress and I used this as my base.I found a pattern from a magazine that I adapted that gave me something to work with and then it was just playing around till I was happy with it.
woods and my cat brooch 012
Its a good project for all those scraps of fabric that you have left over and you can use some really special fabrics as its such a small amount.This was also good for me as I got to practice my embroidery skills and could sit in the garden rather than behind my sewing machine for hour on end.
woods and my cat brooch 016
woods and my cat brooch 020
Now it does need more practice before I put some into my Etsy shop and I want to do different colours and maybe a rabbit or two,but I am pleased with it and I know my daughter will love it (I try everything out on her first the poor thing)I am not aiming for it to look perfect as that’s not my style I like the way the brooch is slightly naive looking what do you think ?
woods and my cat brooch 026
We have been having such lovely weather here and it has been good to sit in my garden reading, listening to the birds singing and eating lunch outside.We have also gone on some lovely walks in the countryside and on Saturday we went for a walk and there is a swing right in the middle of the woods,just like there was when I was a child.My daughter loves that swing and I think she thinks its been put there just for her,the same way I did as a child.I still swing on it and you lean back and look up through the trees and its such a wonderful feeling.

woods and my cat brooch 010
Now I have to get on with some baking and cook a special meal for tonight’s dinner as the hubs has been so good cooking all the meals whilst I was poorly that I thought I would cook him one of his fave meals as a thank you.


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  1. Shanda says:

    That is a wonderful swing! What are you making for dinner? Rich wasn’t the greatest about dinners whilst I was poorly myself….the one meal he procured was pizza and it didn’t get here until after 8pm!!! LOL LOVE the cat you made!

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    1. Thank you. I love pizza even after 8pm !! I cooked a chilli as hubs loves it but I still didn’t feel great so I didn’t eat it 😞 Hope you are on the mend it takes such alot out of you I was so tired all the time I had never slept so much !!!


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