The 10 Things That Inspire Me The Most

This is a list of what inspires me in my work as well as my life….
1 My daughter as a lot of what I make is with her in mind.
2 Books.
3 English country gardens.
4 Old curio cases in museums.
5 Birds – swallows,woodpeckers,robins to name a few.
6 The 1920s and 1930s lifestyle,fashion,films and architecture.
7 Movies old and new.
8 My cat.He will turn up in my work in some guise or another.
9 Where I live – the river,the beach and the surrounding countryside.
10  Jessie Chorleys work it is so beautiful I can only wish to be that talent

highdown 005

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Thank you for having a read and I hope you all have a lovely weekend 🙂 Tabitha


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Bekki Hill says:

    Lovely list. I think it’s good to think about these things so you can use them to revive your creative mojo if you’re having an off day.

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  2. acornishmum says:


    I have a ‘Ten Things’ link up on my blog, feel free to come link this up if you like! Lovely pictures by the way!

    Stevie x

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