My handmade home

The other day when I was doing the horrid housework,I realised just how many of the things in my home have been either made my me or my husband and just how much we have thrifted and updated furniture we have been given.This is what makes our house a home,somewhere that says a little about the owners and who we are and our children.
We live in a Victorian terrace with fireplaces in the front room and the bedrooms,all the inside doors are original except for one and like with all old houses it has cracks and uneven walls and when all is quiet you can hear the house creak and groan !! But we love it,it is filled with light and we knew we just had to buy it and that was 19 years ago and we still
have so much to do.
When I make things to sell I always try them out on myself and my family first for sometime to see how they stand up to daily wear and tear,so I surprised myself with how long I have had some of my handmade items in my home and they are still going strong.
So here is a sneak peak of some of those items (I couldn’t do them all as that would be photo overload)

My home…
handmade home 049
The throws I made from left over fabric and are over three years old and good for cuddling up in.The cushions are due for a re-cover.
handmade home 003
This tray the hubs made from our daughters old desk lid and sits on a thrifted coffee table.

handmade home 008

In the kitchen are my handmade peg bag and carrier bag holder,the first I ever made a good few years ago now.
handmade home 014
Cushions in the teens room.
handmade home 016
Curtains and bunting I made for my daughters room.handmade home 021
Shelves the hubs made out of scraps of wood,hold all kinds of things in our bedroom including a little salt dough rabbit I made with my daughter along time ago.
handmade home 022Handmade hearts hang from the upstairs door handles.
handmade home 032
and I even cover the odd chair every now and then including this one which belonged firstly to my Great Aunt then to my mother and then to me.
handmade home 036
There is so much more that I can’t believe how much is handmade in my home I am now going to start covering my dinningroom chairs in some vintage fabric I picked up for a few pounds last week,so thanks for taking the time to have a read 🙂 Tabitha


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  1. Tajana says:

    Such a lovely home! I feel so inspired…

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    1. Ahh thank you thats so kind ☺

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow! What lovely creations! (And what a lovely home!) one day I hope I’ll have that many homemade things in my own home! 🙂 xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you very much ☺ Tabitha

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