Up cycling my old enamel bread bin and a whole lot more….

About six or seven years ago I was given an enamel bread bin and up to recently it has sat happily in my kitchen storing our bread,but it takes up a bit of space and it was starting to go slightly rusty.I did not want to throw it out so over the weekend the hubs drilled some holes in the bottom of it (for drainage) and we turned it into a planter for our patio.I choose the most gorgeous red geranium and planted it in my new/old planter and there it sits looking all pretty. What do you think,have you taken something and turned it into something different ?
all sorts 019
My cat didn’t like the camera so he tried his hardest to head butt it out of my hand…
all sorts 017
I have been busy working on making some more stock and I have sewn some hearts and pincushions so far and this coming Friday I have a whole day of sewing planned…
all sorts 001

all sorts 004
Today has been such a beautiful day and I went for a long walk in our local bluebell woods,I wish I could bottle the smell of all those bluebells !!! I am trying to have long walks most days as I am trying to get a bit fitter and loose a few pounds,as I hate the idea of the gym and I love walking so I am finding it easier to just walk that bit faster and longer,I also have been resisting cake even though I am still making them for the children’s lunch boxes and I have been gardening most days so that is helping too.I think it’s working and on the plus side it doesn’t cost me any money and my head is a lot clearer with all that fresh air not to mention my garden is looking a lot more loved !!!
all sorts 010
all sorts 012
Thanks for popping by 🙂 Tabitha




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  1. Great little sewing projects and the cake is making my mouth water. I have just been told not to eat any sugar 😦 a bit hard for a chocolate lover!

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    1. It will only do you good though !!!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I know, I’m sure I shall soon get used to it 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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