Its all about trying out a little Vintage and my naughty little cat….

It’s been a whole week since I last blogged,where does the time go? It was half term here so I was busy with my family going for days out and just spending quality time with my children.I did not manage to get any real sewing done which was a shame as I am now very far behind on my craft fair stock,but I still have a month to go so I should be able to catch up !!
Back in March this year I closed my Folksy shop and opened a Etsy shop for my handmade items,to run along side my other ventures and so far it has been well received,and last week I decided to add some Vintage bits and bobs to the shop.I have been a lover of Vintage for a very long time now and over the years my husband and I have collected quite a few bits.We don’t collect things to be put on display,we like to use them as they should be and we don’t spend a lot of money on them or buy something just because its old if we don’t like the look of it or won’t be able to use it.So I have been having a clear out and have added a few things to the shop to sell on to someone else to treasure/use.I find it funny that vintage is anything over 20 years old and as my son points out to me that ,that makes me antique!!!! Cheeky boy that he is,so I told him that,that means in 3 years time he will be Vintage 🙂 I have already sold this Max Factor hand book from the 1950s,to a lady in America…
max factor 008
and today I have listed a Winnie The Pooh cook book which we as a family have used a lot over the time we have had it… plus a jug and some really cool looking magazine books from the 1950s,I just love the covers…
etsy cat brooch plus vintage 024

etsy cat brooch plus vintage 026
max factor 012

My cat has also been inspiring me this week so I am making several of these cat brooches out of some left over black linen I have.My daughter has had one for a while now and she gets asked where she got it from so I thought I better make a few more.Talking of my cat,I love him dearly,but at the moment he keeps catching birds and bringing them in to show me and I just hate it.I know its natural but its horrid and I dread the sound of the cat flap going just in case he has a mouthful of something !!!! Do your cats bring you gifts ? We have had mice and more it makes me shudder at the thought of it.
etsy cat brooch plus vintage 015
Anyway I must get going so thanks for stopping by and having a little read,I am going to go and catch up on some jobs 🙂 Tabitha



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  1. You have lovely taste in vintage items! Those are so cute! 🙂

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    1. Ah thank you so much Hayley 😀

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