My Sewing Days

If you remember on Friday I said I was going to have a day of sewing,well that went into the weekend as well.In the middle of me sewing 6 make-up bags/purses,my 17 year old came home from sixth form feeling a little bit sorry for himself so I said we would watch a movie together before everyone else came home. That meant I got a little bit behind,but hey family must come first right? So we settled on the sofa with cups of coffee and watched an action/thriller movie starring Liam Neeson (not my usual choice of movie) and at the end of it I had a teen in a better state of mind.
Now I have caught up with the sewing and have managed to make 3 make-up bags,3 purses,2 buntings,3 pin cushions and one rustic style hanging bird decoration,that turned out so rustic it was only fit for the bin !!!
Here are the make-up bags and purses….
purses and pin cushions 037
and here I am putting in the zips (I dread zips)…
purses and pin cushions 008
I am really pleased with the pin cushions,if you know me well then you will know I love pin cushions in all shapes and sizes and have a few in my shop,including a mouse one….

purses and pin cushions 031
purses and pin cushions 033
purses and pin cushions 032
and then it was onto some bunting…
purses and pin cushions 035
Now all I have to do is deliver what’s going to the shop to them,list on Etsy and price up for the craft fair,but first I have to bake some brownies and cook a lasagne for tonight’s tea…Where is the coffee pot I feel I will need it. Thanks for taking the time to have a little read 🙂 Tabitha


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  1. katekemp2804 says:

    Very productive!

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  2. Oh that bunting is beautiful! Well done! I have a soft spot for bunting and that’s just lovely. Also well done putting your zips in so well! I struggle with them so badly!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. The dreaded zips !!!


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