Wedding bunting and taking other peoples advice …

I sometimes think I don’t listen enough to people when they suggest things they think I should make,so this year I am trying to listen more and try out what friends and family suggest. I started this when the lady who runs the shop that I sell through said that bunting with a seaside theme would sell in her shop more than my other buntings,so I made a stack of seaside/nautical bunting and so far she is right and it is selling well. Then it was the advice of my younger sister who is a florist and works in a shop that also sells beautiful vintage style wedding accessories and she said to make some MR & MRS bunting as she sells it and it is all the rage at the moment especially if it has a handmade vintage feel about it. Well over the last couple of days I have been making some and hand sewing the letters on as the letters I machined on did not look right and instead of a & I put a heart as I think this could be used other than at weddings and would look lovely hung above a bed. What do you think ?
wedding bunting 001
wedding bunting 006
wedding bunting 007


I am helping out in the shop tomorrow so I will be taking it down there with me and adding some to the wedding section and with my other buntings and then see how it goes,I will also make some to take with me to the craft fair and maybe add some to my Etsy shop. I have told my sister that I have taken her advice and shown her the bunting and I am sure she will give me loads more advice and some I will take and some I won’t !!!!
Now I have to go as I have a busy rest of the day picking my daughter up and chasing the teen up on getting home on time for dinner !!!


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  1. It is lovely. I can see it selling well, if it does you could think about doing different coloured letters over time to fit the theme of the wedding. x

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    1. Thank you. Yes I see how different colours would work 😊

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  2. Creatopath says:

    I like the love heart in between the words. Looks lovely.

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