My Garden and Seaside Fabric

The weather here is so hot that I shall soon be spending time by the sea with my children,we like to walk down to the beach early with a packed breakfast and then walk home just as the holiday makers arrive,but this morning was a time to sit in my garden with a cup of tea and look at all the beautiful colours. I am not a neat gardener or a colour matching one, I like it to be a clash of colour and any plant/flower that I love will find its way in there and I want it to be a home for the bees. My daughter is having a sunflower growing competition with my sister to see who grows the biggest one so we have sunflowers popping up everywhere. I love sweet peas and mine are just starting to flower,they remind me of staying with my Grandma when I was little and she used to have vases of them all over her house.

I am going to be making yet more bunting for the craft shop in town and I purchased this beautiful seagul fabric to use for it.

My little Etsy shop is coming along nicely and I have been sorting out my stock and re photographing some of it . Anyway I must get on with the bunting making and listing new stock on Etsy so thanks for popping by,oh I almost forgot my week started off well as I won a beautiful notice board yesterday so I will post about that soon 😀



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  1. Your flowers are beautiful. I love the idea of a seaside breakfast, we eat ours in the garden when it is hot. The seagull fabric is lovely, I can imagine that bunting selling really well. xx

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    1. Thank you. I love eating breakfast in the garden to 😀

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  2. The seagulls are soooo cute!!

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    1. They are aren’t they ? They remind me of the seaside and holidays 🙂


  3. Shanda says:

    So pretty! The flowers and the fabric. Enjoy the sea!

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    1. We will thank you 😀


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