Denim Bow Brooch Tutorial

At the moment I am enjoying making and wearing brooches. I have some lovely vintage brooches that were my Grandmas that I wear during the winter on my coat,but for summer I like to wear a brooch that is a lot lighter on my summer dresses and cardigans. My 12 year old daughter also likes wearing brooches and I came up with the idea of a fabric bow brooch for her and have made several and realised they were not only for children but adults too.So here is a denim brooch tutorial if you would like to make one to….

You will need :-

a piece of denim measuring 9 cm across and 5 cm down

a piece of contrasting fabric measuring around 7 cm by 2 cm ( I used a scrap of pretty Tilda fabric )

a small brooch bar

matching cotton and sewing needle


sewing machine – optional

denim brooch tutorial 002
1 – fold the piece of denim in half long ways right sides facing and sew along the open sides leaving a small gap in the middle of the long side to turn it right side out.
denim brooch tutorial 004
2 – turn the denim the right side out and push the corners gently out,I use a chop stick for this.Press the denim and press your other piece of fabric so that the long sides are meeting in the middle,see below
denim brooch tutorial 006
3 – now take your denim piece and pinch the middle between your fingers so that it make a bow then sew a few stitches to hold it in place then sew on your brooch bar
denim brooch tutorial 010
denim brooch tutorial 012
4 – now with your contrasting piece of fabric you need to secure one end of it to the bow with a few stitches
denim brooch tutorial 014
5 – once secure wrap the fabric firmly around the bow and the brooch bar then sew in place,this will mean that the bar of the brooch is nicely hidden making it neat and tidy
denim brooch tutorial 017
6 – and that’s it all you need to do now is pin it onto your cardigan and away you go !
denim brooch tutorial 020
denim brooch tutorial 024
You can use any fabric you fancy,but not a really heavy one and if you use one with a pattern on it I would recommend one with a small design.

denim brooch tutorial 025
I have also made hair toggles this way and am just finishing some off ready to go in my Etsy shop a long with the brooches,hopefully by this weekend.
There are so many things you can make using denim,I have made cosmetic bags,purses,corsages,doorstops,totes and of course clothes,it is one of the best fabrics to up cycle and over on Creatopath’s blog you will see another great way of re using denim so please take a peak.What have you made using denim ?
Anyway I must get back to making even more brooches so thanks for taking the time to have a read,Tabitha x


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  1. Oh they’re so cute! How are you sewing the brooch bit on??

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    1. I just stitch it on through the holes in the brooch bars and through the whole bow till nice and tight, then the contrasting fabric wraps around it hiding the bar making it look all neat 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh cool, thanks for the tip! 🙂

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