Home to me is where I am my happiest,I run my little handmade business from here, we spend quality time as a family here and it is a happy home. We love to cook and bake and our 12 year old makes yummy biscuits and flapjacks for the lunch boxes most weekends. We have movie nights during the winter and card nights in the garden with the chimnea lit or firepit in the Summer. These things make me happy and contented, I don’t care if someone else has a bigger house or a newer car, as long as I feel that my children are happy and safe and that when we walk through our front door we can turn off from the world and escape for a while.What does your home mean to you?

My home is filled with things that mean something to us,furniture that has been passed down through the family,things bought back from holidays,handmade items and books,lots and lots of books.

Any way it is nearly time to light the BBQ so I must go and wash down the garden furniture and then get prepping whilst enjoying a glass of wine. Hope you all have a lovely weekend 😀 Tabitha


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  1. Even I used feel same when am in my house with my mom around!!!!

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  2. I love this post Tabitha. Our home is only small too but it is ‘home’. Baking, handmade bits and bobs and books feature largely here too. It is love that makes a house a home in my book 🙂

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    1. Thank you I am glad you feel the same way 😀

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  3. You have a lovely home and this post was lovely too 😌

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    1. Thank you, that’s very kind of you 😀


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