One stitch at a time

I hope you all had a good weekend,it rained here a lot but we still managed to get out and about with walks along the beach and trips to the park,but we also had a leaky roof and a good few hours of “mum I’m bored” moments ! But I did manage some stitching which was great as once I am stitching I can turn off.I finally got round to reading this brilliant book called ‘Stitch at Home’ by Mandy Shaw who’s wares can be bought at Dandelion Designs the book has over 20 fabric and embroidery projects with step by step instuctions.
embroidery 013
embroidery 016
The best bit of the book for me though is its ‘get ready to stitch’ chapter which shows you how to do all the stitches from Backstitch to Herringbone stitch and a lot more.The instructions are clear and they show it for right handers and left handers…
embroidery 015
The book also some lovely templates all full size….
embroidery 019embroidery 020
There are so many cute projects to inspire you to get stitching from sewing machine covers to quilts to sewing cases,but for me I shall use the book mainly as a how to for embroidery stitches as this is something I want to get a lot better at (and knitting,but that’s another story).
embroidery 017
So feeling inspired I found some red and cream stripe fabric,borrowed my daughters hoop and backstitched a lovely Tilda heart to it,then made it into a drawstring bag,one of many with different patterns for my Etsy shop as I sold out of them the weekend before last.Now I know that backstitch is not hard and I did know how to do it already but I wanted to practice with getting the stitches neat before I move on.
embroidery 001
embroidery 007
embroidery 009
and finally I had an order of some bunting to make up for a lovely lady who shops in the Craft shop that I sell my bunting and purses in…
embroidery 023
What skill would you like to learn or improve on ? As I say knitting is going to be one for me but that will be in the Winter (don’t ask me why,it’s just that knitting & winter go together somehow,in my head anyway!!)
Anyway I must get the breakfast ready and get on with our day.Tabitha 🙂


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  1. I love the look of the book Tabitha. You probably know by now but I too want to improve my knitting, hopefully enough to knit some socks!! x

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    1. Maybe we can support each other in our knitting to keep each other inspired ? 😀

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      1. That sounds great! I’m not sure what to do next, I need to find something interesting but easy 🙂

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      2. Same here. I am going to have a look through some books for my first project 😀

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  2. Bekki Hill says:

    Look forward to seeing what you both choose to knit. Feeling winter here already today!

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    1. Anyone would think it was winter here the wind is blowing so hard & heavy showers 😀

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      1. Bekki Hill says:

        We had heavy rain most of Friday and half of Sunday – but Saturday was like summer. Oh how I love our changeable weather!

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