Hand sewn needle books and a Jessie Chorley bow…

Hello the sun is shining and the teen is at work and my 12 year old is out for an hour with her Grandma,so I am taking the chance to get this blog post written before the peace and quiet is broken !
I have started making some needle cases for the shop using vintage fabrics and sewing them by hand,not machine.I have really got into hand sewing I love that you can do it more or less any where and the finish really lends its self to vintage fabrics.I am enjoying using embroidery in my work more,something I used to do as a child and then really didn’t have the time for as I started work,got married,had children etc… I was recently shown my great grandmas sewing bag which she had made her self as a young woman and she had hand embroidered some flowers on the front of it in a fine wool and it was so beautiful and will be my inspiration for some time yet.Anyway back to my needle book,I really enjoyed sewing this and not having to sit in my sewing nook tied to the sewing machine was a blessing as some was stitched outside in the sun shine and finished off this morning sitting in bed whilst having my morning cup of tea,bliss.
summer house and jessie chorley 010
summer house and jessie chorley 011
summer house and jessie chorley 012
summer house and jessie chorley 013
Now I know I have mentioned the maker Jessie Chorley before,she is such a wonderful designer/maker and if I had the money I would buy a lot more of her handmade items and her lovely handmade journals.Well she has a book and it is the most inspirational book I have seen,I just can not put it down.It is full of the loveliest photographs of her work and she writes about her creative life.
summer house and jessie chorley 015
summer house and jessie chorley 017
summer house and jessie chorley 016
In the back of her book she has a how to make a stitched bow,so I took the idea and made my self a bow brooch made from vintage material and anyone that knows me knows I like a handmade brooch and can most days be seen wearing one.
summer house and jessie chorley 008
What have you all been up to ? As it’s the summer hols here we have been busy out and about as well as putting up a summer house (more on that in another post !!)and watching the film Jurassic World for the second time in the cinema as my daughter likes it so much and if she could she would have a pet velociraptor (yes she knows they are extinct !!)and my 17 year old has after a lot of searching got a part time job and it is his first day today and it is exam results day for him tomorrow,so busy ,busy.
Anyway I must be going as the coffee pot is calling me,thanks for popping by.Tabitha


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  1. You have been busy today! The bow is really cute. I hope the job went well and all the best for tomorrow! X

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    1. Thank you and we are keeping our fingers crossed for tomorrow !

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