The Two B’s Bunting and Birthdays

Today is my mums Birthday and she is coming over for a Birthday meal so today is going to be busy.I love giving presents and take ages to think of what that person would love and most times I like to include something handmade for them,but this time I could not think what my mum would like that I could make her as I have in the past made her a patchwork throw,drawstring bag,cosmetic bag and so on and as she sews herself it is extra tricky.In the end I decided to miss out making her something (I will rethink for Christmas) and just give her the bought gifts.I love wrapping presents and for my mums gifts this year I went through my old magazines and tore out pages that were colourful and or had pictures of flowers on them that was relevant to mum.Then I stuck the pages together with double sided tape to make sheets of wrapping paper and wrapped each present neatly and used my daughters collection of pretty tapes to hold it in place…
summer house 010
summer house 006
Then all it needed was a pretty bow which I made from a strip of fabric and then tied it around the group of presents…
summer house 012
summer house 011
I think it looks pretty good and it is a good way to use up old magazines and you can make it as personal as you like for example comic magazines for boys that love Spiderman etc..,interior magazines for people that are into interior design,cooking magazines for the cook in your life,crafting magazines for a crafter,gardening for a gardener the list just goes on.You could even make matching gift tags to finish the present off.
This weekend my husband started to paint the outside of the summer house and after a couple of mishaps on his side not mine,it was finally painted and I needed some pretty bunting for the outside of it,so I found some left over oilcloth that I had been given and made some bunting from it.Its super easy to do and is waterproof I showed how to make garden bunting in this previous post summer house 016
When the summer house project if finished I shall write a post about it,but we are doing it slowly but surely and may be sometime yet.We are using it most evenings and the other day we sat out there watching the sun set and during the day my daughter uses it as her own house !! I have even managed to do some sewing in it.
Anyway time to get on hope you all have a lovely productive day and I love to hear your comments and what you are making etc…. Tabitha x


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  1. Your gift wrap is a great idea and I love the bunting 🙂

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    1. Thank you Sharon 😊


  2. katekemp2804 says:

    I agree, what a clever idea with the wrapping paper. And I love the bunting.

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  3. What a great idea for wrapping! Looks great!

    By the way – I nominated you for The Sunshine Award. If you want to play along – my post is here :

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