Festive Folk Style Birds

I have just said goodbye to my two who start back at school and sixth form today and the house already feels empty without them on the plus side I can get back into my making without feeling guilty.
So I have started making some Folk style birds for the festive season (even though I think they look good all year round) using felt and wire. When I made my first bird and showed my family they all agreed that they needed more structure to the wings so I used a covered wire in them so you can bend them to make them look as if they are in flight…
Here is one without the wire,I had to prop one of the wins up in this photo…
phoebe and apples 008
but here you can see they look a lot better…
birds 009
I am going to make some in more traditional Christmas colours and some that could be used all year round…
birds 011
birds 012
I may also play with the size of them and make smaller ones to hang on the Christmas tree and to display in decorative bird cages that seem to be all the rage here in the UK what do you think ?
As you may be able to tell I took these photographs in the summer house which is proving a great place to photograph my handmade curios for the shop.I am planning on setting up a Christmas section in my Etsy shop today and have these birds and some Nordic style bunting added to it.
I have also taken some advice and created a Facebook page for The Sewing Nook,now I have held out about being on Facebook as I am already on Twitter,Instagram,Pinterest and I have my website and my Etsy shop,but people can not believe I have not got a Facebook page,so I took their advice and have set one up and I am stumbling around in the dark with it so if any of you would like to like it for me (I will of course return the favour with liking your page) or have any advice I would greatly appreciate it.You can find my page here
So I must now get on the house needs cleaning,I need a coffee and the sewing machine needs firing up I thank you for taking the time to have a read and hope you have a lovely day. Tabitha 🙂


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  1. You certainly have been busy already! They are cute and they look great photographed there, that is what I struggle with, I don’t really have anywhere suitable for photographing little items!

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    1. Thank you and no it is a tricky one to photograph small items 🙂

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  2. They’re really cool! And yes, you’re right! The bird cage thing seems to be everywhere here, so cute little birds like yours to go in them is a great idea!

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