Sewing Bag Gift Set Finally Completed !!

I am pleased to say after a lot of planning and trial and error I have finally completed one of my sewing bag sets.I decided to use some vintage material I had purchased and was waiting for the right project to come along.I decided to make a sewing bag with a zip and two large inside pockets,I also added my embroidered design,that I completed a month or so ago,to the front of the bag and I like the way the colours work together.I added a hand sewn needle book,made from the same fabric,and a pin cushion to complete the set.
sewing bags & christmas bunting 007
packerging 009
packerging 007
packerging 001
packerging 004
Now all I have to do is make two more,one more to go with this one in my Etsy shop and the other to go in my local craft shop in time for Christmas.
What have you all been making and do you sew on the go when you are out and about on the train etc.. and if so what do you use to keep all your sewing bits and bobs in ?
This is only a quick post as the teen is coming in from sixth form for me to take the legs of his jeans in (as if his jeans weren’t skinny enough !!) in his break so I better get the sewing machine out.
Thanks for popping by and I love to read your comments, Tabitha 🙂


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  1. What a lovely idea, You had me and Abi laughing over your teen and his jeans!!

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    1. The teens jeans are all skinny now !!!

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  2. Hi Tabitha, I have just nominated you for the Liebster award. I would love for you to join in but please don’t feel obliged to if you would rather not.You can find out all about it in my post here
    Sharon xx

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  3. What a great little set! Anyone would be pleased to get them as a gift! And that vintage fabric is so lovely. You have great taste in fabric!

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