Sewing Autumn

What a beautiful start to Autumn so far. So inspired by my lovely walk around Arundel lake I have made this Acorn Bunting and listed it in my Etsy shop and now I need to make myself some to hang in the window to celebrate my favourite season. What is your favourite season ? Autumn has always been mine I love the sunny days with just a slight nip in the air,the way the hedge grows are full of colourful berries,the changing colour of the leaves on the trees,searching for conkers with the children,picking blackberries and the darker evenings with the smell of woodsmoke in the air. There is of course things I don’t like as well but they are out numbered by the things I do like.

Anyway I shall leave you with some pictures from my walk and of my Autumn Acorn Bunting, Tabitha



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  1. nanacathy2 says:

    I love Arundel, years since I have been there, love the Castle and the bird sanctuary. Super bunting. I love Autumn best too, for all the same reasons as you. Have a great weekend.

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    1. Arundel is just up the road from me and one of my favourite places to take a stroll and so inspiring. You have a great weekend to 🙂


  2. myvintagelife1 says:

    Lovely time of year, it’s my favourite too x

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    1. It is a lovely time of year x


  3. I love the bunting! I think my favourite time of year would have to be winter although Autumn and spring are not far behind. x

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    1. Oh yep I love winter too,Sharon x

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