Colder Days and Dinosaurs

I am sitting here drinking a cup of tea and writing this on this cold,wet day watching the leaves drop from the trees in my garden,they are nearly bare now and it is a reminder that winter is around the corner.We have been lucky so far in that we haven’t felt the need to switch the central heating on,all we have done when it has been chilly is to pop a jumper on,have a warming drink,cuddle up in a throw whilst reading or watching TV and put a hot water bottle in the children’s beds to make it all nice and toasty. Have you had to light the fire or switch on the central heating yet ? Because we live in an old Victorian terraced house where the interior walls are as thick as the exterior walls they seem to hold the heat in a little more than some new builds so I have been told.
Anyway I have been busy sewing Dinosaur aprons and Dinosaur bunting out of the fabric I purchased a week ago today.Both the fabrics are a fun design which I am hoping will bring a smile to any little Dinosaur lovers face…
dinosaur bunting and apron 015

dinosaur bunting and apron 001

dinosaur bunting and apron 010
I have lined the apron and backed the bunting in a soft Gold coloured cotton which contrasts well with both the Dinosaur fabrics I used.Some are heading to my local craft shop and the others are already in my Etsy shop which you can find here if you so wish to.
The rest of my day today is going to be spent working with felt and hand cutting the letters for Merry Christmas which is a bit of a fiddly pain but I have got to get 3 felt buntings down the craft shop tomorrow ready for the weekend as well as a lot of other handmade goodies that I have already completed.In between this I have the exciting tasks of washing floors and dusting !!!!
Hope you all have a fab day whatever you are up to,Tabitha x


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  1. Gorgeous, some little boy will love this!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Sharon 🙂


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