Cherry cake and bunting

Last Wednesday I just couldn’t get warm so I spent an hour in the morning baking a chocolate cherry cake for tea,keeping all snug by the oven and to do an upper arm workout and to keep warm I creamed the butter and sugar by hand till it was light and fluffy,the cake was better for it as well,so much lighter.

The afternoon was spent cuddled under my throws on the sofa with trashy Christmas films on in the background whilst I made some more Merry Christmas bunting and because I didn’t want to move from my warm cosy space I sewed the whole thing by hand,attaching the ribbon to the felt flags with blanket stitch,which for some unknown reason I always have to look up how to do it as I always forget how to start it of ! It is such a simple but attractive stitch which always seems to work well on Christmas sewing projects and especially when working with felt.

cherry cake 006

cherry cake 009

cherry cake 011

I have so far this month been packing my handmade goodies and sending them of to mostly America,from New York to Indiana I am slowly getting to know all the States and every time an order comes through,out comes my atlas.I still find it amazing that my little makes made by me in my home here in good old blighty ends up being in someone else’s home as far away as Australia.I am as always very grateful.

Today I am helping the teen with his Christmas shopping,no doubt in the pouring rain as the weather forecast doesn’t look great and then it is our towns Christmas light switch on and then home for hot dogs and a movie maybe. What is everyone else up to ? I hope you all have a lovely weekend,I am hoping for a relaxing one !!

Tabitha x


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  1. Know what you mean – hard to move once you get snuggled up under a blanket. Glad I’m not the only one who finds themselves looking up how to do the odd things they’ve been doing for donkey’s years šŸ™‚

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  2. aseparovic says:

    I love the cherry and chocolate cake combination. Yummy! Dare I share that we are starting to melt in the heat in Australia. Sorry…I’ve already had to have the aircon on and it’s not even officially summer here yet. Enjoy your weekend šŸ˜Ž ā˜€ļø

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    1. What I would do to be in the sunshine right now !!!

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  3. nanacathy2 says:

    Your cake sounds delicious. Our Christmas lights are turned on tomorrow, lots of things seem to be planned in town. I will spend the afternoon cross stitching a Christmas card and crocheting the last rows of a blanket.

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    1. Sounds like my kind of day,enjoy šŸ™‚


  4. Definitely blanket and hot chocolate weather here! How lovely to be sending your creations across the world! Have a lovely weekend. x

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    1. you have a lovely weekend too šŸ™‚

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