Seeking Calm Before The Storm

Well Christmas is just around the corner and like many people I feel that I am juggling a lot of things including finishing of my dress,wrapping the presents,cleaning the house,getting the Christmas tree up,baking tasty Christmas goodies and a whole lot more all before the children break up from school tomorrow but hey I wouldn’t have it any other way !!

So before the chaos that is Christmas begins I went seeking some peace and quiet this morning in the Sussex countryside where I picked some holly for my Christmas floral arrangements which I will start on this afternoon.

Rackam 005

Rackam 015Rackam 017Rackam 023Rackam 020Rackam 013Rackam 012

Sometimes all you need to do is get out in the fresh air and everything seems so much better.Its the best exercise climbing up hill and down dale and now I feel my batteries are recharged so I am going to finish off the second sleeve in my dress and then it will all be made and ready for wearing at Christmas.So whatever you are up to today I hope it is a peaceful one.

Tabitha x


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  1. So pretty and peaceful! Hope you enjoy it, Christmas is always chaos!

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  2. I hope you get yourself well relaxed! Our Sussex countryside has a gentle beauty of it’s own. x

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    1. It certainly does,Sharon 🙂

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