Up-cycling an old mirror

The other week I was given my Auntie’s old dressing table mirror that she had bought from a local junk shop in the early eighties and had used up to the day she died,then my sister had it for several years until she purchased a new one and then it finally made its way to me. It was in very good condition and had been looked after well over the years but it wasn’t really to my taste as it had a very bright gold frame which in certain light looked more yellow coloured than gold.

mirror update 004

I knew I wanted to do something with it and I had the perfect place for it so on Saturday I bought a can of matt black spray paint for £2 and the hubs gently sandpapered the frame then masked off the mirror and in the garden spray painted the frame.

So in just one hour and for the cost of £2 I had a lovely new to me mirror for my bedroom.I had thought about painting the mirror white but as I have white walls in my bedroom I decided that the contrasting black would look better and the fireplace on the opposite side of the room is black also,so it balances out just fine.

mirror update 010

mirror update 012

Now I get to enjoy the mirror like my Auntie and Sister before me plus the mirror gets to live on for a few more years yet ! It was also a good excuse to have a good clean and tidy up of my room to… I hope you all had a lovely weekend and have a good week ahead,Tabitha 🙂



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  1. Looks great! It’s really given it a new lease of life. You’re right the contrast against the white walls is lovely. 🙂

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    1. Thanks,I was a little unsure at first but I feel it was the right thing todo 😊

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