A new sewing shop & some chicken bunting

On Tuesday evening I received a tweet saying “I am thinking chicken bunting” and also “I would love some chicken bunting” Well I was pleased for two reasons,firstly it was taking my mind of the fact that my 17 yo was out in the next town over with his friends at an indoor skate park and was due to catch the 9 pm train home when I got a message to say that the trains had been cancelled and then nothing else as his phone ran out of charge! We had no way of contacting him and could only wait and see. He finally turned up at around 11 pm I was nearly pulling my hair out by then and he was his normal calm self even though it had taken him two trains to get home with waiting around on lonely stations and trying to get rid of a weirdo in McDonalds (teens who would have them?) !!! secondly it was going to give me an excuse to go fabric shopping the following morning.

So yesterday I went to Storrington and found a really lovely fabric shop that hadn’t been open for long called More Sewing and it was like a sweet shop for me but instead of sweets there was more beautiful fabrics than I had seen in one place for so long.They had fabric for every price range and so many unusual designs including a bright and cheerful fabric with chickens on,which I purchased.They have a lovely website here if you would like a look.I will certainly be going there again and will also order from their website.

I came home and spent the next few hours making bunting and then today I listed it in my shop and the lovely Stacie bought one straight away so I have only one left which you can find here in my Etsy shop if you fancy one for yourself before they all go.

chicken bunting 001

chicken bunting 003

I just think it is so cheerful and would brighten any dull day bringing a smile to your face when you look at those colourful chickens….

chicken bunting 011

chicken bunting 013

I can just imagine this bunting in a big old country kitchen and even though I don’t have said big old country kitchen I am wanting some for me as I think it would look lovely hanging in my kitchen window in my small country style kitchen.

Anyway I have flapjack to bake before the children get home with their many demands and that monster called homework.

Thanks for reading,Tabitha x





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  1. nanacathy2 says:

    What wonderful fabric! I used to like Storrington when we lived in West Sussex. Teenagers, been there, got the t shirt, he sounds sensible and resourceful, he will be fine.


    1. Thank you I just worry but I try not to let him know just how much 🙂


  2. Glad he g got home safe,, I love the Chicken fabric!!

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