A thank you card,The Revenant & an apron…

Well Friday has certainly come around quickly and as I mentioned in my previous post I received the most lovely thank you card from cathy and I just wanted to share it with you

tattoo purse books ebay 001

Isn’t it lovely ? A handmade card some buttons and those mice,well it certainly made my day.

Yesterday after my son finished sixth form we went to the cinema and watched The Revenant. Has anyone seen it and what did you think of it ? I thought it was beautiful and moving not to mention a little on the gory side and that scene with the bear well enough said.


Finally this week I did some more sewing and made this apron,it has a boho style print,a lovely big pocket and matching ties which finish it off nicely….

apron full length 002

Now this weekend I will be playing with bottle tops,fabric and magnetic tape,if the weather is going to be as horrible as they are reporting. There will also be movie night with the children (last weekend we did a card night and they loved it),repairing the bathroom ceiling,trips to nans house,baking and plenty of family time. Its also Mothering Sunday this weekend but I was bought up with a mother that said “you should be nice to me all year round I don’t need cards or flowers to celebrate being a mother” and did not let us celebrate it,so I have sort of carried that on but if my children want to buy me a little something as their dad does for his mum,I don’t mind but all I really want is a nice day as always and anything else is a bonus.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend whatever you are up to, Tabitha x


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  1. I love you Mother’s day sentiment, although a nice yarny gift never goes amiss 😉

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    1. Couldn’t agree more Sharon 🙂


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