Coffee jar vase and a WIP

I have a collection of empty clean jars in my kitchen as my husband does a lot of pickling and chutney making and every time I open the cupboard at least one empty jar will fall out which really bugs me,but when it happened yesterday I was rather pleased as it was a good tall jar that used to hold coffee and I needed a vase for yet another bunch of daffs.

It was a little plain for me though and I decided to jazz it up just a little,so out came some fabric,double sided tape etc.. and twenty minutes later the jar was for me,a whole lot better.

vase 009


As it is the Easter Holidays here time has been a little tight,I had some bespoke work to finish,children to entertain and numerous trips to the post office which my daughter hates doing with me and I have also been in the early stages of making some bow ties for daddies and their sons a lot more on that at a later date,but here is a sneak peak with my daughter being the model as she is so far the only one that knows how to tie one,thank you You Tube !

What have you all been up to ? The weather hasn’t been to bad here in West Sussex so we have managed to get out and about as well as work on the garden. Everything seems so much better when the sunshines,except of course it shows up the dust more and shows you your windows need a clean….

Anyway I am of to the post office and for a wonder along the river so I hope you all have a lovely and creative day.

Tabitha x



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  1. nanacathy2 says:

    I have the jam jar problem too, and I am the guilty party. What a good idea for a pretty vase, am wondering if washi tape would work too…thinks! Love the bow ties, what time lovely idea for weddings! Just made a rhubarb cake and leek and potato soup. Plan to do some sewing this afternoon. Enjoy the walk!

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    1. Love leak and potato soup my tummy is now rumbling .washi tape would work just as well my daughter wouldn’t let me use hers !

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      1. nanacathy2 says:

        Have words with her!!

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  2. The fabric on the jar vase looks lovely! I love a bunch of dafs in springtime! 🙂

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    1. Dafs are the best 🙂

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  3. What a great vase! I love using jars and bottles for flowers and the fabric strips are a great idea 😃

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