Busy sewing days

Time has just flown by and we have been so busy with last week being half term which meant shopping trips to Brighton,Cinema and lots more which meant sewing had to wait.

So as soon as Monday came around and my two were back at school/Sixth form the sewing could begin in earnest again….

Firstly I made this really pretty round cushion.Some of you may remember the blue floral fabric as it was left over from a dress I made myself for Christmas last year and have been looking for the right project to use it in.I hand stitched a flower to the centre of the cushion on the front and on the reverse I made a felt flower in blue and pink colours.Its a very girly cushion and has a feather cushion pad for a really lovely plump look.

etsy cushions sewing roll 008


Next was a cushion that is the complete opposite of the above one as it is more contemporary in the choice of fabrics and style.I used a lovely soft black and cream cotton fabric with a botanical print with a plain black linen fabric.Once again I used a feather pad for a good plump look.

etsy cushions sewing roll 009

Last but by no means least I made another sewing roll to replace the one that went of to a customer in America.This time I used mainly Vintage fabric with a floral print.It has plenty of pockets and a sweet little needle book and a pin cushion both made from a new floral cotton fabric….

etsy cushions sewing roll 029

etsy cushions sewing roll 033

Sometimes I think the making part is the easy bit and the photographing and listing them in my Etsy shop is the hard part it certainly takes longer !

So that’s what I have been doing recently what about you ?

Tabitha x




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  1. nanacathy2 says:

    Really lovely makes. I am hard pressed to say which I prefer, the floral cushion or the sewing roll. Don’t think they will hang around for long in your shop.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Cathy 🙂


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