Vintage Sewing Patterns and a Sale



Hello again I am having a little Sale over in my Etsy shop (click here) .Until 31/07/2016 I will be offering 20% off at checkout when you use the coupon code DAISY.

I have lots of new goodies including a range of Vintage sewing patterns including some adorable children’s clothing patterns.If I had had the time when my daughter was little I certainly would have made her her baby and toddler clothes as it was I didn’t start making her her clothes until she was 7 years old.

patterns 030


My mother made me,when I was little,the dress in the  picture (above) in the middle and she has a photograph of me wearing it.She made me and my sisters all our own clothes and was constantly stopped and asked where she had bought our clothes.I am playing around with the idea of making a small selection of baby/toddler clothes using some Vintage patterns and selling them in my shop as there is so many pretty fabrics out there and who wouldn’t want a cute vintage inspired dress for their little ones ? But as I say I am only playing around with the idea at the moment.

patterns 021




I just love the dress on the right.

Any way time is rushing by once more and I still have baking to do as well as some more sewing. I hope you all have a good remainder of your week, Tabitha x

If you would like to see a little more of what I make,cook and bake you can find me on Twitter here , Instagram here and Facebook here .


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