A Summer pinafore

I finally finished dress number 2 of my very small range of children’s clothes for my Etsy shop made from vintage patterns.

So here it is,I just wish I had little ones again as they would have the cutest outfits….

dresses 005

The fabric is good quality 100 % cotton and has the sweetest small floral print in blues with a touch of pink…..


The pattern I used was from the early 1980’s.I decided not to add the pockets as they looked too big for this size dress….

dress no 2 013

Its ideal for hot Summer days and can be layered for cooler days which is good as the weather has decided to change for the worse !

I have been busy wrapping orders over the last few days with parcels going to Poland,America and home here in the UK.I still get so excited every time someone purchases my handmade wares and I am always so grateful and I hope that feeling will never dull.

wrapping 002


Today my youngest is away for the day and my eldest is out and then working so I am able to catch up on some sewing and then hopefully have a little peace before the husband gets home.

Anyway I hope you all have a lovely remainder of the week and hopefully the sun will shine and I will be able to back down the beach again and enjoy some lovely early evening walks.

Tabitha x



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