Hello September

September is a strange month for me because the children go back to school and sixth form and my days are back to being mine.But it fills me with sadness as I love having them around and all the noise and destruction that comes with it,but I also like the fact that fun celebrations are around the corner with Halloween,Birthdays and Christmas not to mention more school holidays.

I love the way the days become slightly cooler with a nip in the air in the evenings,just right to light the fire pit and sip a hot chocolate and toast marshmallows.

Country walks to see the colours of the berries in the hedgerows and the way the leaves slowly change colour on the trees.

walk and apron 003

More time for me to sew some more little matchbox mice with their snug little bed and bedding,just the right size to pop in a pocket and taken on mini adventures….

matchbox mice 010
matchbox mice with bedding in my Etsy shop

So today I am going to make a start on some Autumn acorn bunting,make the most of having my two children home with me for a few more days and make some pizza dough for homemade pizzas for dinner tonight.

Do you have a favourite season and what do you like about it ? Mine is Autumn even though this year Summer has been pretty good to us and having the beach on our doorstep has been a live safer as its been so,so hot ! On Friday evening we went for a stroll and it was so warm my daughter swam in the sea as it got dark fully clothed,just so she could cool of.



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  1. September always used to speak to me of new adventures when the kids went back to school – but, yes, I used to miss them so much too. Now they’ve left home, I miss them heaps more. Great to see you’re appreciating yours while they’re young 🙂

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    1. They just grow up so fast 🙂

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  2. nanacathy2 says:

    The mice are so cute,and I love the Noddy plate. September is my favourite month too with its promise of new beginnings.

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    1. That Noddy plate is a old tin full of buttons that was my mums when she was little and I can remember playing with the buttons in it when I was a small child,weighing them out pretending they were sweets !!!!


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