Beautiful September


How can it possibly be Monday again ? As the saying goes ‘time and tide wait for no man’ and oh how true that is.

The children are settled back in their schools/sixth form and my days are my own once more.So no more excuses for the housework not being done and plenty of time to sew.But my the weather in the UK is still beautiful so its been trips to the beach after school…


I feel so lucky to have a beautiful beach a short walk away and whilst my daughter swims I get chance to people watch,am I the only one who loves to people watch ?

The days might still be warm but the evenings are getting darker and cooler so we have been lighting the candles and eating more hearty meals (goodbye salads).So as Summer turns to Autumn I restocked my shop with my Autumn Acorn Bunting which I like to make this time every year.Each year I like choosing fabrics which have an Autumn feel and look to them….


I also have tried something new for me,after my daughter requested a friendship bracelet so I made her a braided fabric version with a proper clasp and I liked it so much I made myself some and bought some pretty little charms to hang from the bracelets….


I then decided to try them in my shop,which if you wish you can find here .As you could probably guess from looking at the above picture,my favourite one is the Singer sewing machine and I wear mine day in and day out.There is also a heart charm with the wording ‘handmade with love’, and a pretty fluttery butterfly.They come in sets of two with one long one that wraps around the wrist twice and one single bracelet with the charm.


Tomorrow is meant to be beautiful again so I am planning on photographing Christmas stock in the Summer house and then its on with the sewing.Hope you all have a good week,Tabitha


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  1. nanacathy2 says:

    I am a people watcher too, my favourite at the moment is watching the faces people pull whilst doing a selfie!! Am I a meanie? Love the bunting by the way.

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  2. aseparovic says:

    You’re so lucky to live near the beach Tabitha! I’m a good 40 minute drive from a beach. It’s definitely in my retirement plan to live near the beach though. Enjoy your lovely weather 😊

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    1. I have always lived near the sea and I have plenty of good childhood memories spent on some beach or another.

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