Work in Progress,Patchwork.

When I sew I usually choose to make items that can be made in a day,except for clothes which takes me several days,as I fit my sewing in around school hours and housework.But come the colder months I find myself enjoying working on more time consuming makes, like this patchwork throw I am in the progress of making for my shop.

The cutting out of the squares can be very time consuming and because I tend to have a bit of an eclectic taste I like to use all different patterns in my fabric for a real homespun look,which takes a bit longer when planning the layout but is ideal for using up all my fabric odds and ends,but I know for some  people it just wouldn’t be matching enough. I have tried to change in the past and have gone for matching,themed,uniformed and coordinated look but I have hated it as it really is not me and if I don’t enjoy it or the end result it doesn’t feel like a piece of my work.So I try and stay true to myself and so far so good.

planning the pattern and then stitching them together
nearly there

I am now half way through and will have to come back to it next week as we have a very busy weekend planned and then its half term so fitting it in will be a little tricky but where there’s a will there’s away as they say !

Have any of you got any work in progresses on the go ? I seem to have so many ideas but I try not to start one job without finishing the other as I know I would get in a right old muddle and then finish nothing.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend,

Tabitha x


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  1. This looks so fun! I love patchwork:). I finished my clothes bag and have a bunch of projects close to or in the middle of being complete:)

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    1. Thanks Tracy,sounds like you have a lot of projects on the go !

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      1. I think that is what we sewers do, right?:)

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  2. I love the colourful fabrics you’re using!

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