A little Hygge

Today I felt out of sorts so this morning we went for a walk around Swanbourne lake in Arundel.

The leaves on the trees were turning to beautiful shades of orange and red and there was a mist which gave the air a slight chill.

What better way to blow the cobwebs away and to cleanse the mind and soul.

I have found that making myself take photos daily for Instagram has made me take things slower and really look at my surroundings  when out and about.I find myself noticing the smallest of details now,even though my family get fed up with me always taking photos !

Now we are back home enjoying a cup of tea and getting cosy.

Hope you are all having a lovely week,Tabitha x

Ps zipped pouche and pumpkin are from my shop,Hygge book lent to me by my sister it’s a lovely cosy read.


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  1. nanacathy2 says:

    I really love Arundel. Thanks so much for this post. Is the bird sanctuary still there?

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    1. Yes it’s a wildfowl trust now and has changed big time over the last few years.

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