Oh my goodness it has been so long….

I don’t know what has happened but I have never left this little space for so long before !

I know there was that little thing called Christmas that possibly could have gotten in the way so that will be my excuse (not that inspiration has been running short here lately and that my sister ended up in hospital running up to Christmas and that sort of put my mind in a different place for a while).

Anyway I hope you all had a good Christmas and a Happy New Year. Have you been busy making new year resolutions ? I have and this year I have kept them simple and most importantly,achievable. For example to finish of my flower bed which we started working on last Summer and never got round to completing and so on because there is nothing more miserable than looking back at your old resolutions and to realise you haven’t achieved what you set out to do.


I was looking back over my year on Instagram and all in all it was a good one. The Summer was lovely with lots of time spent at the beach,there has been lots of time for sewing,my Etsy shop grew and my little cat snoozed.

Even Christmas which didn’t start on the best foot turned out to be one of the best,with plenty of time spent with family and lazy days spent watching movies,reading and good old fashioned game playing.

I have lots of new ideas for my Etsy shop for 2017 and can’t wait to get started on them and blogging about it all. So till next time thanks for taking the time to have a read and I wish you a Happy New Year, Tabitha



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  1. nanacathy2 says:

    Happy New year and I hope your sister is fine now.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. She is thank you Cathy


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